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Frankly, Margo has had a very interesting life.  She's lived many places and had many different last names.  She was born Margo Beatty in Sacramento, California and then she was Margo Green while she lived in Anderson and Pacifica, California.  Then she was Margo Treharne while she lived in Pittsburg, San Pablo, Fairfield and Davis, California.  While she was in Davis she was Margo Reardon for a while. When she moved to Ithaca, New York to attend graduate school, she got married, and has been known as Margo Reasner ever since.  Currently she lives in the Worcester, Massachusetts area with her husband and son. 

Margo went to high school at Armijo High School in Fairfield, California; completed her undergraduate work and published a Psychology research paper at the University of California at Davis; and attended Cornell University to pursue graduate work in the Department of Psychology, where she met her husband.  While she has been living in Massachusetts she worked for about a decade as a Mortgage Loan Officer, primarily for the former Boston Five Cents Savings Bank.