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     This is a quick, easy-to-read romance, and I enjoyed getting to know the characters. The story is original and the descriptions of the beauteous scenery along Northern California's Hwy 1 add to the mystery and romance of the topsy-turvy relationships that Mary Ann struggles to come to terms with.

     Armchair Interviews says that this book had some surprising moments and will lead readers to wonder about the "what ifs" in their own romantic pasts.

                                                                      Melinda Kurtz,  Armchair Interviews


      If you enjoy being totally captivated then this is a must read. I picked it up and didn't put it down until it was finished.

                                                                      Amazon customer


      This novel explores two worlds as its lead character wonders what it would have been like had she chosen the other man? MaryAnn choose Brad and sets about creating the perfect marriage, but she can’t help wondering what life would have been like had she chosen Robert. What if she could go back and change her decision? In this fanciful and fascinating story, that’s exactly what happens when, while on a vacation trip with her husband, Robert and his girlfriend, she wakes up one morning to discover she is Robert’s wife! It sets her on a journey of self-discovery as well, as she explores friendship, motherhood, and sexuality in this private parallel universe. Reasner pulls off this hat trick and keeps you reading to the last page.



     Character interaction is good with believable personalities.  Story is simple, light and airy, no heavy mystery or suspense here.  The cover is attractive and will draw potential buyers.  Chick lit fans will like this one!

     Author Margo Reasner was born and raised in Northern California thus her descriptions of the scenery are intense and accurate. 

     A nice short and easy read for a quiet afternoon or a take along to the beach.

                                                                      Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review


     A Walk on the Cliffs was a quick yet interesting read that agreeably worked it's way through the dilemma of a woman loving one man while being "in love" with another.
                                                                     Dehanna Bailee
     We often never get to undo our choices or to glimpse what life might be like if we had made different decisions along the way. This book takes you on a compelling journey that allows you to see a small glimpse into what might have been.
      It is an excellent read, with a unique storyline that will make you think more carefully about the choices you make everyday, that are often taken for granted.
                                                                     TCM Reviews

     A Walk on the Cliffs is written in the first person point-of-view, giving readers a chance to really know the heroine and how she views life. This makes her new life all the more exciting to view. I found myself unable to turn away or put down the book until I had finished the final page.

     Enthralling and heartwarming, A Walk on the Cliffs is unforgettable.

                                                       In the Library Reviews


     I loved this book by Margo Reasner. The writing is crisp, interesting, and the plot is not typical at all. Everyone has moments when they wonder “What if”, and the way Margo Reasner handles this is fabulous. The back story feeds into the current events, and everything is wrapped up at the end in an unexpected twist.

     I would like to give this novel the Reviewer’s Choice Award because it is so well-written, with excellent characterization, unusual plot and a fantastic ending that left me thinking about the book long after I finished it. Margo Reasner is now on my auto-buy list.

                                                                    Reviewed by Nancy Riggins-Hume for The Road to Romance


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